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Why Should You Return to College?

Increase Earning Potential:
The average worker with a Bachelor’s Degree earns 60% more or $457 a week more than a worker with a high school diploma.

Improve Employability:
High school graduates with no advanced degree are twice as likely to find themselves unemployed than someone of the same age with an advanced degree. In 2013, unemployment for persons with a Bachelor’s Degree was 4% as compared to 7.5% with those who only held a high school diploma.

Education will be a Requirement:
Almost three-fourths of all work positions in the future will require at least some kind of degree, certification or license.

Improve Career Mobility:
Additional education may open doors for advancement in your current career.

College educated individuals are perceived as more cultured, consistent, open-minded and rational thinkers. A degree also increases your confidence, self-esteem and self-respect.

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