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What Are the Different Types of Degrees?

Technical Degrees & Certificate Program
Certificate programs offer a useful, concentrated study of a particular professional area. These programs can help you start a new career or improve your skills and knowledge in your current
occupation. A Certificate is awarded upon completion of your course or program. You may take individual courses for professional development or work toward a certificate in your chosen area.

Diploma Program
Diploma programs are a sequence of classes focusing on both theory and practice in a particular field. They are not as broad as degree programs and they usually concentrate on a particular area. Some diploma programs also offer an overview of several different areas. The terms certificate and diploma are often used interchangeably.

Associate’s Degree
An Associate’s Degree is an undergraduate degree that can be earned in two years. An Associate’s Degree program consists of three parts: general education requirements, major requirements and electives.

Bachelor’s Degree
A Bachelor’s Degree is a four-year degree awarded by undergraduate colleges and universities. In addition to the requirements for an Associate’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree goes into greater breadth and depth into both major subject area as well as additional coursework.

Master’s or Professional Degrees
An advanced degree is awarded for the successful completion of a program that generally requires at least one year or more of full-time graduate-level study beyond the Bachelor’s Degree.

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