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Soft Skills Training

Professional attitudes and work habits are essential in the 21st century economy but are often overlooked in educational programs. Soft skills is the ability to develop and demonstrate attitudes and behaviors that are critical to success in the workplace. The WIN Soft Skills on line program presents an opportunity to obtain a Soft Skills credential in your own home. Once you have a secured password you can take the course at your own pace. When successfully completed you will be issued a Soft Skill Certificate or credential.

The WIN Soft Skills program consists of four modules with five sub-topics in each module:

Conveying Professionalism:

Students learn the components of a strong work ethic, including personal images conveyed to colleagues and customers, the benefits of a positive attitude and excellent customer relations, the importance of being on time and dependable, how much motivation affects performance and practice strategies to build excellent work habits.

Communicating Effectively:
This module identifies ways to improve communication and listening skills for a productive work environment, explains the importance of spoken communication to improve understanding, assesses the use of communication tools including email etiquette, cell phone use and social networking. Students also learn how to effectively resolve conflict in the workplace.

Promoting Teamwork and Collaboration:
Learning to be a good team member benefits each of us as well as any organization of which we become a part. This module discusses diversity and how it has a positive influence in the workplace, the importance of sensitivity to individual differences, the benefits and challenges of teamwork and collaboration and the value of strong leadership skills.

Thinking Critically and Solving Problems:
Innovation, creativity and flexibility in the workplace are more important than ever. In this module, students learn to evaluate the elements of critical thinking: evidence, reasoning and fallacies, how to distinguish between inductive and deductive reasoning. Adversity and its effects on the workplace are defined and strategies are practiced that inspire creative problem solving.

Employers interested in creating a WIN Soft Skills class to enable your employees to obtain their Soft Skill credential can call (270) 338-4102.

Individuals interested in obtaining a WIN Soft Skills credential can call (270) 338-4102.

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