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Going to College

You may think returning to college is out of reach. It is either too expensive or takes too much time. College requires a commitment. However, today there are many options and opportunities for financial aid and support. We know returning to college is a big commitment. So, why should you spend the time and resources
to pursue a degree and/or a certificate in college? This toolkit will help provide some reasons. The first is illustrated below..

The higher the education degree, the more money you can potentially make: Median Salary and Unemployment rates are shown below for each type of degree earned. (A median is a middle value, so this means the number of people earning less than median is equal to the number of people earning more than the median.)

No GED/HSD $18,551 15%
HS Graduate $25, 738 9%
Some College $27,580 8.8%
Associate’s Degree $31,099 5.9%
Bachelor’s Degree $42,404 3.2%
Master’s Degree $51,477 2.4%
GED or Diploma gear